Wang Hao Confirms Wedding In June!

Wang Hao Confirms Wedding In June!
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Marriage is not usually on top of the priorities of athletes however for Wang Hao, having someone to accompany him for the rest of his life is important as well and that is why he is going to tie the knot next month with girlfriend, Yan Boya. While such news has already broken out before, for the first time, it is Wang Hao who confirms it.   


Tencent Sports. Going through a series of world competitions, Wang Hao has maintained a good performance despite maintaining a serious relationship with Yan Boya. After the 2013 World Championships, Wang Hao confirms settling down really soon. 

Last May 9, Wang Hao made it into the headlines of various Chinese websites after rumours about wedding bells in June with long-time girlfriend Yan Boya broke out. A day after, Wang Hao's mother expressively denied such rumour saying that there could be a mistake. 

After which, people were left in the dark. 

Today, May 31, Tencent Sports shed more light into the matter as they confirmed it straight from Wang Hao. 

"I particularly like her simplicity. She is not impulsive and she has never felt that I am a big star. She even didn't hope for the public to know about us. She is low-profile and doesn't compare me with other people." Wang Hao said. 

Wang Hao first met Yan Boya when his career was at a trough. In the 2010 World Team Championships, Wang Hao was replaced by Zhang Jike in the last minute. For the first time for seven years being the main force of the Chinese Team, Wang Hao felt some crisis. 

"I knew Xiaoya (his term of endearment) during the most difficult days of my career. For once, I felt that I don't have enough motivation to adhere for the London Olympics. Actually, when we are together, I rarely talk about sports and I don't talk about everything that happens in the arena. Just by seeing her at home makes me feel particularly at ease." He added. 

In preparation for the London Olympics, Wang Hao's pressure increased and lost his appetite. As a supporting partner, Yan Boya every day tried her best to prepare food and deliver it personally to the training hall. "Although it was very exhausting, I was very satisfied." Yan Boya said. 

The news about his marriage first broke out to the media when the Chinese Team was already in Austria. However, as early as the Warm-up Match in Zhongshan, Wang Hao has already showed signs, wearing a wedding ring on his left ring finger. 

So are they already married? At the start of this year, Wang Hao has already applied for a marriage license. He and his family just remained silent about it, explaining his mother's expressed denial on the matter. 

"My wedding has been in the pipeline. We just recently shot our prenup photos." For the first time, Wang Hao confirms wedding with Tencent Sports. 

The wedding will still be held in the later part of June in Changchun, probably June 29 just as what the first news said. This will be after the upcoming China Open which will also be held in Wang Hao's hometown, Changchun. 

Originally, Wang Hao planned to get Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin as his best men. However, due to tight schedules, Bayi teammate Li Muqiao will have the pleasure to fill the role. 

For the second time, Congratulations and best wishes to a new life ahead WANG HAO! 

Photo source: Wang Hao's Weibo Account


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