Wang Hao Too Tired For The Rio Olympics

Wang Hao Too Tired For The Rio Olympics
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At age 29, Wang Hao has already been to three Olympic Games and has reached the finals in all three occasions. However, none of them gave him the Olympic gold which makes people, especially his fans yearning for him to adhere with the completion of his Grand Slam. However, in an online interview with Tencent Sports, Wang Hao admitted that he is already too tired for the Rio Olympics. 


Tencent Sports. Wang Hao is one of the most trusted players in the Chinese Team however the time has probably come to Wang Hao where exhaustion is eventually sinking in. Can he still adhere for the Rio Olympics? 

After the London Olympics, Wang Hao got emotional in an interview when he realised that it could actually be his last Olympic Games. 

In 2004, 2008, and 2012, Wang Hao has been serving the Chinese Team well, reaching the finals in all three seasons. However, the Olympic gold seems to be too hard to secure for Wang Hao. This perhaps could be one of his drawbacks in his career. 

This year, Wang Hao once again showed everyone that he still has what it takes after he overcame the second seed Ma Long in the 2013 World Championships semifinals in Paris. Although he lost the finals match against Zhang Jike, Wang Hao has lived up with the expectations just by merely reaching the finals. 

After the competition, Liu Guoliang commended the work of his reliable disciple and at the same time, said that he could not bear to see Wang Hao being devastated anymore. 

"Over the years, Wang Hao has played in a lot of final matches in world competitions. He has earned a lot but lost more. Especially in the Olympics, it has destroyed him. I could not bear allowing him to be in the Olympic Games and be devastated again." Liu Guoliang said. 

In an interview with Wang Hao. He revealed that his next goal is to win the gold in the upcoming Chinese National Games. As for the Olympic Games, Wang Hao seemed to be too tired for it. 

"I hope to win the gold medal in the Chinese National Games. I should not be able to adhere to the Rio Olympics. Too tired!" Wang Hao concluded. 

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Wang Hao reached 3 Olympics singles final, and lost all of them

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