Wang Liqin: I Am Getting Old!

Wang Liqin: I Am Getting Old!
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Ten years ago, Wang Liqin failed to successfully defend his title in the 2003 World Championships. Unfortunately, he will not have a chance to redeem himself this year as he will only be participating in the Men's Doubles. In his interview after winning the Warm-Up Match with Zhou Yu last weekend, Wang Liqin said that he will still give his best in winning every game despite what event he will playing in. 


Tencent Sports. The 35-year old Wang Liqin will be participating in the upcoming 2013 World Championships. Although he will be playing with Zhou Yu for the Men's Doubles, Wang Liqin said that he will still give his best to win every game.

"Look, Da Li (Wang Liqin) is still very serious." Liu Guoliang commented during the match between Wang Liqin and Xu Xin in the recently concluded Warm-Up Match. In the second set, Wang Liqin overcame Xu Xin in a close encounter of 17-15. 

10 years ago, Wang Liqin, as the defending champion was defeated by the eventual winner Warner Schlager in the quarterfinal round. This year, as the competition will be back to Paris, Wang Liqin will not have his chance to redeem himself anymore as he is not included in the Singles lineup. 

"What? It has been 10 years? I am getting old!" Wang Liqin said with a smile. Aside from his comment, he admitted that his experience and attitude have both improved through one decade. 

Although Wang Liqin will not be playing in the Singles in Paris this year, his three world titles are already sufficient proof of his great talent. This year, Wang Liqin will be playing along side with a rookie, Zhou Yu. In the Warm-Up Match, their partnership defeated Chen Qi/Fang Bo in 3-2. 

"It was our first time to fight together as we haven't been paired before. I still don't have a very good understanding with his rhythm. Our partnership still needs more coordination and communication. I also need to encourage Zhou Yu. The younger players might also have some restraint on me. For me, I should also be more active." Wang Liqin commented. 

"I just feel that having to participate is not easy. Whatever event may I be playing in, I will give my best efforts to win every game." Wang Liqin concluded. 

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