Why Doesn't Timo Boll Play The Doubles?

Why Doesn't Timo Boll Play The Doubles?
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Being the strongest competitor of the Chines players, Timo Boll always has people's eyes on his performance. In the recently concluded World Championships, Timo Boll, as usual, only played in the Singles. But why doesn't such a talented player play in the Doubles? For the German superstar, the answer is simple. 


Beijing Evening News. Timo Boll is one of the few players who can definitely put a threat against the Chinese players and because of that, Timo Boll always has the attention of everyone even noticing why he doesn't play in the Doubles. 

When was the last time you saw Timo Boll play in the Doubles? Well, he actually played in the 2012 London Olympics Men's Team events. Aside from that, one can hardly see him play in the Doubles. Why is that so? 

"I want to save energy!" Timo Boll answered. 

"I am actually a good player in the Doubles. However, over the years, I have focused my attention on the Singles because I need to save energy to fight against outstanding players." He added. 

In the recently concluded 2013 World Championships, Timo Boll did not play in the Doubles and finished as a quarterfinalist in the Men's Singles. In addition, the Chinese Team did not also have their main players like Zhang Jike, Ma Long and Xu Xin in the Doubles. Could they have the same reason?

"You can also see that there are many excellent Chinese players who do not play in the Doubles. They should also be saving energy for the Singles." Timo Boll concluded. 

Photo source: Feng Li/Getty Images


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