Xu Xin Changes Hair Colour For The World Championships (Photos)

Xu Xin Changes Hair Colour For The World Championships (Photos)
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The current world's number one, Xu Xin joined the rest of the Chinese National Team as they embark on their journey for the 2013 World Championships in Paris today. Aside from facing a minor problem of neckties this morning, Xu Xin also addressed some of the questions from the media people concerning his new hair colour and his thoughts on the upcoming competition. 


Sohu Sports. As part of the official delegation of the Chinese National Team for the World Championships, the top seed, Xu Xin also embarks on his journey to achieve his own breakthrough in the competition after all, it is a preparation for bigger opportunities in the future. 

At around ten this morning, the Chinese delegates were already out of their apartments to greet their fans and the media. As usual, a lot of male players went out carrying their ties, the world's number one Xu Xin included. 

"I have never tied before." Xu Xin said with a smile. "Looking at the other members, we're almost the same. So I am just waiting for others to tie it for me." 

Although all members of the team wear the same clothes, it was noticeable that Xu Xin appeared younger. "Before, I used to colour my hair red but the results were not so satisfying. This time, I will have it back to black and hope to have some breakthrough." Xu Xin jokingly said. 

Xu Xin may still be young but he is not new to the World Championships. This season is already his third. However, this is his first time to participate in the competition as the top seed. "Right now, I feel better. My state of mind is more relaxed. After we arrive in Austria, I have to adjust myself before going to Paris." Xu Xin said. 

When asked whether he is worried on some aspects, Xu Xin admitted: "A lot!"

Lastly, Xu Xin is hoping to increase his position within the team and be able to catch up with the Olympic champions Zhang Jike, and Ma Long. Xu Xi has repeatedly expressed his desire to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics and in order to achieve such, he needs to have a breakthrough this year in Paris.

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Xu Xin in the 2013 WTTC Send Off

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