Zhang Jike Is A Rare Talent!

Zhang Jike Is A Rare Talent!
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Zhang Jike is one unique player. Unlike other members of the Chinese Team who were considered as straight A students, Zhang Jike was certainly not one of them and was ousted from the National Team twice and being the favourite player of Liu Guoliang to criticise. However, despite these, Zhang Jike used those experiences to prove everyone wrong. 


Sina Sports. We all now that Zhang Jike's career wasn't smooth. He encountered a number of stumbling blocks which actually delayed him against the others. However, these did not hinder him to fight and eventually got to where he is right now. 

"Before the World Championships, the second Grand Slam was just a slogan. Now, as he took the championship title in Paris, Zhang Jike has already started to act on it and on his way for it. People are afraid when there is no goal. So, speaking for Zhang Jike, it was not only his victory but he was able to get back the right momentum in big competitions. The is what I am happiest about." Liu Guoliang said after Zhang Jike successfully defended his title in the World Championships. 

It was no secret that Liu Guoliang has been the biggest critic of Zhang Jike. Most recently, before the World Championships, Liu Guoliang has been vocal on his disappointments on Zhang Jike, having the comments: "I'm too disappointed," "I'm too lazy to talk to him." 

"Along the way, Zhang Jike has grown in my criticisms and scolding. My criticisms most likely have an effect on him." Liu Guoliang explained.  

With this, Liu Guoliang hopes that Zhang Jike will be able to represent not only the Chinese Team but also the sport, itself. 

"After 2012, I feel that coming across such a talented player like Zhang Jike is very rare. I hope he can become the representative of our team or even of the sport because he possesses such strength. Aside from his character, he also has the image and wisdom." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

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