Zhang Jike Is The Cristiano Ronaldo Of Table Tennis

Zhang Jike Is The Cristiano Ronaldo Of Table Tennis
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Every sport has one or several icons and Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely one of the superstars in football. He has achieved record breaking performances and has a wide influence over the fans of the sport. With this, if Ronaldo is for football, then could it be Zhang Jike for table tennis? According to Chinese head coach, Liu Guoliang, the new Grand Slam champion has become his idol. 


Tencent Sports. When the going gets tough, Zhang Jike unleashes his uncanny characteristics and proves to everyone that no one can stop him from achieving victory. Along with his tenacious feature, Zhang Jike is now branded as the Cristiano Ronaldo of table tennis. 

Growing up, Zhang Jike was not like the other children and was exposed rather early to serious business. While children his age were enjoying their play time after studies, Zhang Jike was training hard for table tennis. 

In his words as a child, Zhang Jike said: "I don't have any idols. I never had any idols in any field. I am my own idol." However, aside from table tennis, Zhang Jike got to love football as well and his favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, probably his only idol while growing up, if you consider it such.

Coincidentally, Cristiano Ronaldo also has the same childhood. He started playing for an amateur team at the age of eight and eventually got signed up with a real deal soon enough. More interestingly, Ronaldo has also said almost the same thing like Zhang Jike (from wikipedia): "I didn't have any particular idols as a child." 

Zhang Jike does not only have the same childhood like Ronaldo but also has the same thinking while growing up. 

To back it up, Zhang Jike has done quite a number of miracles in table tennis. As of now, he is the quickest player to have completed the Grand Slam. While expectations were against him in the 2013 World Championships in Paris, Zhang Jike stood up and proved everyone wrong, successfully clinching the title for the second consecutive time. 

With the achievements and probably the charisma, Chinese head coach Liu Guoliang admitted that Zhang Jike is the Cristiano Ronaldo of table tennis. 

"Zhang Jike is not the same with the others. When he encounters unexpected situations and difficulties, he can stimulate himself for greater potential and can be ruthless in the court. You will see his face expressionless but he is just like a beast being caged wanting to break free. He can be wild like Cristiano Ronaldo." Liu Guoliang said.  

So what do you think, has table tennis found the icon in Zhang Jike? 

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