Zhang Jike Won The 2013 Wttc Men's Singles Round 3 (Videos & Photos)

Zhang Jike Won the 2013 WTTC Men's Singles Round 3 (Videos & Photos)
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The 2013 World Championships is a big test for the defending champion Zhang Jike, considering his poor condition recently. Today, as the Men's Singles had their third round of competition, Zhang Jike showed everyone his capacity after he won his match against Fan Zhendong. Meanwhile, Zhang Jike's other teammates also achieved success in the round. 


ITTF. The 2013 World Championships Men's Singles had their third round of competition, or the Round 32 today, May 17. In the round, defending champion Zhang Jike gets one step further after he won over his teammate Fan Zhendong. 

As the reigning world champion, Zhang Jike is the fourth seed in the competition and today, he faced his youngest teammate, Fan Zhendong. Experience wise, Zhang Jike has the edge after all he is the Grand Slam champion. However, recently, momentum was not on his side after he lost quite a number of matches. 

For the head coach Liu Guoliang and for Zhang Jike, himself, this competition is important to gain the desire to win back again. Indeed, despite a tight encounter in the opening set. Zhang Jike was able to start with a good lead. Meanwhile, the 16-year old Fan Zhendong had some bright moments in the match but clearly, he was fighting against his nerves and committed some unforced errors. 

Eventually, it is the end of Fan Zhendong's exposure in the World Championships while Zhang Jike progressed further and hoping to meet the expectations of everyone (11-9, 11-8, 11-9, 11-5). 

Meanwhile, the other Chinese players also achieved success in the round. Starting off with the top seed Xu Xin who nailed a 4-0 against Tiago Apolonia of Portugal. The second seed, Ma Long also had the same result against Slovenia's Bojan Tokic. Wang Hao won his match against Noshad Alamiyan in 4-1 and lastly, Yan An advances as well after winning 4-1 against Kalinikos Kreanga. 

Wang Hao vs Noshad Alaniyan 2013 WTTC MS R3
video kindly shared by ittfchannel

Yan An vs Kalinikos Kreanga Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

The young Japanese players Koki Niwa and Kenta Matsudaira both made it through the hurdle successfully. Matsudaira, after winning over Ma Lin, defeated Chinese Taipei's Chiang Hung Chieh in six sets. Matsudaira's next opponent is the Belorussian veteran Vladimir Samsonov. As for Koki Niwa, he ended the hopes of He Zhiwen of Spain and is scheduled to fece Ma Long in the next round. 

These two matches will surely be interesting to watch tomorrow. 

Vladimir Samsonov vs Andrej Gacina Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

German superstars, Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov also surpassed through the challenge today. After beating the curse of the second round, Boll now progresses into the fourth round of the competition, beating Jens Lundqvist of Sweden in 4-2. As for Ovtcharov, he defeated Tang Peng of Hong Kong in six sets as well.   

Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs Tang Peng Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

Timo Boll vs Jens Lunquist Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

Ma Long vs Bojan Tokic Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

Zhang Jike vs Fang Zhendong Video kindly shared by ittfchannel

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Chinese Men's Team in the 2013 WTTC

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