2013 China Open: Fan Zhendong Failed In The Doubles

2013 China Open: Fan Zhendong Failed In The Doubles
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Still in connection with the transnational pairing in the China Open, Fan Zhendong partnered with South Korean Kang Dong Soo for the Men's Doubles. Since their rankings are not yet high enough, their pair had to go through the qualifying rounds before securing a place in the main draw. However, as brave as they can be, the young partnership was not able to survive the hurdle. 


ITTF. Aside from the Singles, the Doubles event in Open tournaments has increased it's charm among table tennis fans. Thanks to the transnational pairing. Unfortunately, one of them got eliminated today in Changchun. 

The transnational pairing of the Chinese players with foreign delegates proved to be successful in the Korean Open. That us why such development is carried to the China Open which takes place  week. 

Today, June 13, the qualifying rounds of the Men's Doubles took place and one of the transnational pairing graced the arena. They are Fan Zhendong and Kang Dong Soo who faced Croatians Andrej Gacina and Tan Ruiwu. 

Immediately at the start of the match, the young partnership of Fan and Kang was having a bit of a trouble. They lost the opening set. Fan Zhendong and Kang Dong Soo did not lose hope and continued to fight. They were able to level things in 1-1. 

However, as the match progressed, Gacina and Tan clearly had the momentum. Eventually, the Croatian pair ended the hopes of Fan Zhendong and Kang Dong Soo in 11-7, 9-11, 11-5, 11-8. 

Russian partnership of Alexey Liventsov / Mikhail Paykov and Japanese Takuya Jin / Kenta Matsudaira sealed their seats in the main draw without lifting their rackets. They got a free round. 

Meanwhile. Kim Jung Hoon / Park Chan Hyeok, Kirill Skachkov / Alexey Smirnov, Chen Feng / Clarence Chew Zhe Yu, Yuto Higashi / Asuka Sakai, Sharath Kamal Achanta / Sanil Shetty had to battle the round to get into the next stage, Eventually, they were all successful. 

The first round of the main draw will start tomorrow, June 14, 11:30 am, Beijing time. 

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