2013 China Open: Kenta Matsudaira Survived The Opening Round

2013 China Open: Kenta Matsudaira Survived The Opening Round
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The newest Japanese star Kenta Matsudaira is once again seen in action in the international arena as he takes part in the 2013 China Open. Today, the young Matsudaira faced a bit of a challenge in the opening round in the qualifying stage of the Men's Singles. However, being the biggest discovery in Paris, Matsudaira conquered the match. 


ITTF. The 2013 China Open commenced today, June 12, in Changchun with the opening rounds of the qualifying stage in the Singles event. Still not seeded in the competition, Kenta Matsudaira had to play today and surpassed the opening hurdle. 

There is no doubt that the Chinese players were the biggest winners in the recently concluded 2013 World Championships in Paris. However, there were also some names who made a mark in the competition and that is the young Japanese star Kenta Matsudaira.  

Matsudaira impressed everyone early on the competition after he defeated the Olympic champion Ma Lin and subsequently overcame the veteran Vladimir Samsonov. After winning over the veterans, Kenta Matsudaira gave a challenging match towards Xu Xin. 

Although he lost in the quarterfinals, he is considered to be the biggest discovery in the competition by no other than the Chinese head coach, Liu Guoliang. 

Today, Changchun locals have witnessed Kenta Matsudaira back in action in the arena. With a world ranking in the 28th spot, the young Japanese had to first play the qualifying stage before securing a seat in the main draw. 

With such a challenge, the Japanese rookie started quite well with a 4-2 victory against Harmeet Desai of India (11-4, 11-8, 11-9, 11-13, 8-11, 11-9). 

Aside from Kenta Matsudaira, more Japanese players achieved success in the opening day and they are Yuto Higashi, Asuka Sakai, Jin Takuya, and Masataka Morizono. 

Europeans Tiago Apolonia, Kirill Skachkov, Alexey Smirnov, Patrick Franziska, Mattias and Kristian Karlsson, Quentin Robinot, Mikhail Paykov and Liam Pitchford share the same fate in the first rounds of the qualifying stage. 

The last round will take place tomorrow, June 13, starting at 12:30 noon, Beijing time. 

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