Boll, Ovtcharov & Joo Raise The Level Of Competition In The Super League

Boll, Ovtcharov & Joo Raise The Level Of Competition In The Super League
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Aside from the fact that the Chinese players will certainly go all out in the Chinese Super League, the presence of big foreign names is one aspect that also makes the competition much more interesting. With Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Joo Sae Hyuk, this season will certainly exceed the normal level of competition. 


Beijing Times. The Chinese Super League has been providing quality table tennis competitions for the past years but for this incoming season, the intensity is much higher as international stars Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtchariv and Joo Sae Hyuk will all be present. 

Scheduled to play in this week's China Open in Chanchun, German stars Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov have already arrived in China. However, this two international table tennis celebrities are not only in China for the Open tournament but also for the Shakehand and Penhold Challenge and the 2013 season of the Chinese Super League. 

During the press conference of the Chinese Super League this week, officer Qing Shanglin commented that the level of the foreign aides for this year is much higher than the previous seasons.

"We have Timo Boll who signed with Ma Lin and Chen Qi for Jiangsu. Guangdong has Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Joo Sae Hyuk will continue to serve Ningbo Team with Ma Long and Yan An." 

Having Boll and Ovtcharov join the Chinese Super League is one of the international marketing plans of the head coach Liu Guoliang. "Timo Boll and the others are very much happy to come to China. On one hand, I hope the promote the sport and on another, they hope to get more support from China." Liu Guoliang said. 

The opening round will be on June 19 and Timo Boll's Jiangsu will face Wang Hao's Bayi while Ovtcharov's Guangdong will have Bazhou as their first opponent. Joo Sae Hyuk and Ningbo will have its opening in the second round. 

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