Chen Qi Presents His Family In A Thanksgiving Party (Photos)

Chen Qi Presents His Family In A Thanksgiving Party (Photos)
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The 2004 Olympic Doubles champion, Chen Qi has always maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life. He didn't even had big interviews about him being a father recently. However, just this weekend, Chen Qi introduced his family in a thanksgiving banquet held in his hometown Jiangsu. 


Sina Sports. Chen Qi is one of the many Chinese players who successfully kept their personal lives a secret to the public, at least to the international world. However, just recently, the 2004 Olympic champion revealed his family to the whole world. 

Zhang Jike, Qiu Yike and Chen Qi are all disciples of coach Xiao Zhan. But aside from that similarity, they are all also considered by head coach Liu Guoliang to be the most charming players in the National Team. 

However, unlike the two, Chen Qi was the more reserved type of guy and has maintained distance from the media. 

The media first got interested with Chen Qi's love life after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was then rumoured to be dating the Olympic champion Zhang Yining. However, since their respective family members did not agree with their relationship, the two broke up. 

In September of 2011, Chen Qi's personal life was once again placed under the spotlight as he was rumoured to have gotten a marriage license with girlfriend Lu Wenting. As expected, both parties, including Chen Qi's parents denied the rumour. 

This year, Chen Qi shocked everyone after he was placed in the headlines being a new father of a healthy baby boy. There was actually no clear and direct confirmation from Chen Qi about the news. The only way people have heard about the issue was when Liu Guoliang revealed it in his speech during the 2013 Squad Trials

Yesterday, June 9, Chen Qi returned to his hometown in Jiangsu for a memorable event. A thanksgiving banquet was held where media was invited and was able to capture photos of Chen Qi with his complete family, his wife and son.  

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Chen Qi with his Family

Chen Qi and Wang Hao have already settled down. What effect could this have on Kong Linghui, Wang Liqin and Ma Lin? Could there be pressure?  

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