Ding Ning Prepares For The National Games In The Super League

Ding Ning Prepares For The National Games In The Super League
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The most popular athlete for the 2012 season of the Chinese Super League is confident for her Beijing Team for this year. Since there will be a lot of competitions that will take place during the new season, Ding Ning aims to have a good exercise in the Chinese Super League in order to achieve a better performance in the Chinese National Games. 


China Interactive Sports. China has now entered the competition season with a lot scheduled in the following months. For Ding Ning, she maintains her confidence towards her Beijing Team and looks forward to have a good performance in the National Games. 

Since after Zhang Yining brought the Beijing Team to the championship title of the Chinese Super  League, the team has only achieved average results in the competition and has even once fell into the Relegation Group. However, with the continuous maturity of Ding Ning and the return of Guo Yan last year, Beijing has reached the play-offs last season. 

"After the Super League allowed transfers between teams, several teams have emerged to be strong. Our goal was to win but results depend on the integrated play." Ding Ning said. 

The new season of the Chinese Super League will commence on June 19 and will last for five months. With this schedule, the competition will be intercepted by the Chinese National Games, among others.  

"This upcoming season will be intercepted by the Chinese National Games which is a very important competition as it only happens once every four years. Therefore, we will fight in the Super League for the title. This will be a good exercise of Li Tianyi and Sheng Dandan. I will be trying to new things in the Super League to have a better performance in the National Games." Ding Ning admitted. 

Is the former world champion give more importance to the National Games over the Super League? 

"Actually, we do not only have the National Games, we also have tasks in Open tournaments and the Asian Championships. These all need our good adjustments." She answered. 

Ding Ning will be playing in all events in the National Games and she is not singling out any event in the competition. "Every event in the National Games is important. I will go all out." Ding Ning concluded. 

Ding Ning will also be taking part in the China Open Women's Singles and Doubles. 


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