Guo Yan Has Ended Her International Career (Video)

Guo Yan Has Ended Her International Career (Video)
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Every great athlete reaches the end of its career and for this year, some of the Chinese players are expected to be concluding their athletic career. Among them is the veteran of the Chinese Women's Team, Guo Yan. After her wonderful contribution in the opening round of the 2013 Chinese Super League, Guo Yan revealed that she will be officially retiring after this year's Chinese National Games. 


Tencent Sports. Aside from Wang Liqin and Ma Lin, Guo Yan is also expected to be retiring anytime soon. Last June 19, the Beijing veteran announced that the 2013 China Open would be her last international tournament. 

Amidst the young players who participated in the 2013 China Open last week, the veteran Guo Yan showcased her skills in the arena after she defeated Liu Shiwen and successfully sealed her seat in the finals. With such result, it is believed that it could be her last international appearance. 

Guo Yan vs Feng Tianwei 2013 China Open WS QF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Guo Yan vs Li Xiaoxia 2013 China Open WS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

"Although there were some regrets, not being able to get the championship title is still a perfect ending. I think I played in Open tournaments for a lot of years now and my journey ended in the China Open. I still feel happy." Guo Yan revealed. 

Guo Yan's career was highlighted when she won the 2006 Women's World Cup championship title. However, in the Olympic arena, she hasn't been so much lucky as she consecutively missed the Beijing and London Olympics. This could be her biggest regret. 

After a painful encounter in the 2012 London Olympics, Guo Yan has accepted her fate and announced that she will be retiring after this year's Chinese National Games. However, before ending her athletic career, Guo Yan still has the Chinese Super League and she said that her competitive state has already been recovered. 

"It was the first round and we achieved victory in our own home. The atmosphere was very good. My overall restoration was good. I hope that through this league competition, I may be able to find the right momentum." Guo Yan concluded. 

If the 2013 China Open was Guo Yan's last international participation, when would be Ma Lin and Wang Liqin's turn? 

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