Guo Yue Returns To The Singles In Changchun

Guo Yue Returns To The Singles In Changchun
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Guo Yue was unfortunate at the start of this year after she faced serious injuries that led her to miss some important competitions. For a long time, we haven't seen Guo Yue playing in the Singles event. For this week's China Open in Changchun, the World Doubles champion will finally return to the Singles event. 


Qianshan Evening News. After missing the Singles arena since the start of this year, Guo Yue is ready to conquer the stage in Changchun for the 2013 China Open as she has already recovered from her injuries. 

Guo Yue was rather unfortunate in the upper half of this year. She was not able to take part in the Squad Trials for the World Championships, missed the World Team Cup, and only played in the Doubles in Paris World Championships. The reason behind those absences was injury. 

Now that the team has given Guo Yue some time to actually recover and restore her condition, the player will be returning back in action for the Women's Singles in this week's China Open in Changchun. 

As the eighth seed, Guo Yue sits in the lower half of the draw. For her opening round, Guo Yue will meet the Japanese qualifier Rika Suzuki. If things will go well for both, Guo Yue will meet her teammate Liu Shiwen in the semifinals. 

Yesterday, Guo Yue's coach from the Liaoning Team, Song Liang said that Guo Yue has already recovered. 

"Guo Yue hasn't been able to participate in the Singles event for half a year already. This time, she will return and her injuries are not a problem anymore. As the main force of the Liaoning Team for the Chinese National Games, this is a great news. It can be said that this competition is her best chance to be back in the Singles event." 

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