Liu Guoliang Confirms Training Camp In China

Liu Guoliang Confirms Training Camp In China
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Chinese head coach Liu Guoliang is actually serious with his plan for a training camp. In his recent interview in China, the Grand Slam champion turned coach confirmed that their will be a training camp to be held this year, to promote the further development of the sport and to help the foreign players raise their level of competency in table tennis.  


Oriental Morning Post. The idea of a Training Camp in China was first heard during the recently concluded 2013 World Championships. Today, head coach Liu Guoliang confirmed that such event will push through this year. 

The Chinese Team appeared in the 2013 World Championships not just for competition but with the intention of actively promoting table tennis in their own ways. During the competition, head coach Liu Guoliang has been personally speaking with players and coaches from other countries about the idea of a Training Camp in China. 

We all knew that the Chinese Team has employed the best training in table tennis thus they have produced quality players for the past decades already. This is something other countries lack. 

In the interview we had with former world champion Werner Schlager (published in our TableTennista Magazine), the legend put emphasis on quality and comprehensive training if European players want to overtook domination in the sport. 

Of course, when they heard about Liu Guoliang's proposition for a Training Camp, German coach Jorg Rosskopf and French champion Jean-Philippe Gatien immediately declared their support

Back then, Liu Guoliang said that he will definitely include it to their agenda after the World Championships. Indeed, Liu Guoliang stayed true to his word and confirmed that a Training Camp will be held in China after the Chinese National Games. 

"Our Training Camp will be open to the world." Liu Guoliang said emphasising that it is also open to all ages. 

"Cai Zhenhua told us that in addition to inviting, we also need to go out. The key is to implement. We will carry out the marketing programs step by step. Our coaches will also be going to Europe to conduct lectures." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

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