Table Tennis Reality Show In China: Who Is The King? (Videos)

Table Tennis reality show in China: Who is the King? (VIDEOS)
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Table Tennis is the national sport and one of the most popular in China. The head coach Liu Gouliang and players such as Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia and Liu Shiwen are treated like rock stars by their fans in China. The popularity of Table Tennis is so big that the Chinese channel CCTV5 is broadcasting a reality show named "Who is the king", which looks for the most talented table tennis player.

England with "Britain's got Talent", The United States with "American Idol", Germany with "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", and China with... Who is the Table Tennis King? While other countries is looking for the best singer, dancer or model, China is looking for the best Table Tennis player.

Maybe some people can think: "if I want to know who is the best or most talented player in China, I only have to look for him/her in the Chinese National Team". However, the Chinese channel CCTV5 wants to give a chance to amateurs players. Acording to the German site, the competition is divided into three phases. The first phase "Casting" was already carried out. 

Players selected in the first phase will compete in the National Final. In this phase players compete in different categories: children under 12, men 13-60, men over 60, women 13-55, women over 55, and competition between families. In this phase players will have the chance of being coached by professionals, even by Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui. The winner of the competition will have the honour to train with the Chinese National Team.  

Who is the King? Video kindly shared by MrTheportal

Who is the King? Video kindly shared by MrTheportal

Who is the King?

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Table Tennis was banned in the USSR from ca 1930 to 1950 because it was believed to be harmful to the eyes

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