Wang Hao: A Victory In Changchun Is The Best Wedding Gift

Wang Hao: A Victory In Changchun Is The Best Wedding Gift
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The 2013 China Open is being held this week in the city of Changchun which happens to be the hometown of Wang Hao as well. As a proud local and the third seed of the Men's Singles, Wang Hao truly hopes that he will be able to win the title. He considers it as a great wedding gift. Wang Hao's wedding will take place in Changchun on June 29. 


Tencent Sports. Wang Hao's wedding is just a few weeks from now and it will be held in his hometown, Changchun. As he arrived yesterday, Wang Hao expressed his desire to win the title. he considers it as the best wedding gift. 

The last time an Open tournament was held in Changchun was in year 2008, months before the Beijing Olympics. In that competition, Wang Hao consecutively defeated Zhang Jike, Ma Long, and Wang Liqin, clinching the championship title. 

After four years, the China Open is back to Changchun once again and their proud local will be present to defend the title. 

"Preparing to return to Changchun. I am really happy." Wang Hao wrote on his Weibo account in the morning of June 11, showing his excitement. 

Apparently, Changchun is not just a place for competition for Wang Hao, it is also the venue for his much anticipated wedding to be held later this month, June 29. In connection with this, Wang Hao considers a victory in his hometown to be a great wedding gift. 

"I hope to use my hometown to win. It would be the best wedding gift to myself." Wang Hao said when he arrived into the stadium yesterday. 

During the 2011 World Championships, Olympic champion Ryu Seung Min said that a victory in Rotterdam will be a great wedding gift. However, Wang Hao destroyed such plan as he defeated him in the Round 32 of the Men's Singles. 

Now, it is Wang Hao saying it. Would he encounter the same fate with Ryu Seung Min? Let us note that Wang Hao sits in the upper half of the draw along with Timo Boll and Ma Long.  

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