Ding Ning Admits Poor Performance In The Sixth Round Of The Super League (Videos)

Ding Ning Admits Poor Performance In The Sixth Round Of The Super League (Videos)
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The sixth round of the Chinese Super League had increased intensity in terms of competition after the leading names were troubled. One of them was the former World Champion and the flag bearer of Beijing, Ding Ning. In both her matches, Ding Ning failed to win and eventually contributed to the loss of Beijing.  


China News Net. The former World Champion Ding Ning was one of the main players who were challenged yesterday in the sixth round of the Chinese Super League. She lost two points and became the reason for Beijing's defeat. 

The Beijing Team welcomed the guests from Datong yesterday for the with round of the Chinese Super League. Immediately at the start of the battle, Ding Ning, the main player of Beijing found herself in great pressure against Li Xiaodan. She was down in 0-2 before coming to level in 2-2. Ding Ning showed all her efforts to recover but she came late. Li Xiaodan got the first point for Datong. 

Beijing's veteran Guo Yan had a good performance with 3-1 in the second match against Wu Yang. However, the pair of the hosting team were crushed in the Doubles. Beijing was down in 1-2 and their survival lied in the hands of Ding Ning. 

Ding Ning faced Wu Yang for the fourth match. With superb defensive skills, Wu Yang got the first two sets, placing Ding Ning once again in danger. The host made her presence felt in the third set but Wu Yang was consistent and eventually sealed the match for Datong's victory. 

At the end, Ding Ning did not just lose two points but contributed to the overall defeat of Beijing in the round.  

"I think on how to better handle the game when I play in critical matches. Today, my performance was poor. The atmosphere in Guiyang was very warm but unfortunately I lost. I hope I will be able to play better in the future." Ding Ning said after the match. 

Beijing will still be playing in Guiyang in the next round to be held on July 21. They will face Bayi. 

Despite defeat, one fan of Ding Ning who came to watch her idol play was still satisfied. "I have always liked table tennis because it relieves pressure. Today, I am very happy to see my idols playing. I hope Ding Ning will be able to play better int he future." The 18-year old Li Tingting said. 

Ding Ning was not the only one who was tested in the sixth round. Ma Long found himself in a 0-2 deficit against Timo Boll before recovering with just a two-point advantage. Likewise, Zhang Jike was also tested. He survived the challenge from Zhou Yu in 3-2 but lost to the young player of Bayi Xu Chenhao. 

Shandong vs Bayi 2013 CTTSL 6th Round
video kindly shared by janus770

Beijing vs Datong - 6th round Video kindly shared by janus770

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