Fan Zhendong: The New Leader Of The Bayi Team (Video)

Fan Zhendong: The New Leader Of The Bayi Team (VIDEO)
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For five consecutive rounds, Wang Hao has been absent in the 2013 Chinese Super League. This eventually made more opportunities for the younger teammates to showcase their talents and the player who has been consistent was Fan Zhendong. Yesterday, Fan Zhendong offered two points for the team while Wang Hao, as a comeback, lost in his two matches. Could there be now a change of positions in the team? 


CTTSL. Wang Hao has been the main player of the Bayi Team for several seasons now but it seemed that the younger players had more successful exposure for this year. Is it already time for Wang Hao to give up his leading position? 

Since the fourth round of the 2013 Chinese Super League, the Bayi Team has faced each of their opponents without their main player, world champion, three-time Olympic silver medalist, Wang Hao. However, that did not hinder the team to excel. In fact, with the efforts of Fan Zhendong, Zhou Yu and Xu Chenhao, the team has enjoyed a good standing in the team ranking. 

Yesterday, for the eighth round, Wang Hao had his comeback in the arena and played against the Guangdong Team. The round started with a winning point from the 16-year old Fan Zhendong who defeated the Olympic bronze medalist Dimtirij Ovtcharov. 

Wang Hao played the second match against Liu Jikang. The guest from Bayi started well but Liu Jikang did not easily back down. Liu Jikang led in 2-1 before posting a slim margin in the decider to win over Wang Hao. Fan Zhendong played the Doubles with Xu Chenhao and won the match. 

With a 2-1 lead, Wang Hao had the responsibility to close the deal in the fourth match against Dimitrij Ovtcharov. However, such task was difficult as the German presented himself strongly in the opening set with an 11-3. Throughout the match, Wang Hao was challenged and in the decider, Wang Hao lost a second point. 

Basing on the performance in the past rounds, it is Fan Zhendong who amazed the people. He had beaten Xu Xin, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, among others. As of now, he has already posted eight victories and with just one loss.  

In the fourth round, Wang Hao has said that he is willing to give more opportunities to his younger teammates to prove their talents in the arena. Since Wang Hao has also signified his plans to retire soon, then Fan Zhendong could be the strongest contender to be the successor. 

Fan Zhendong vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov Video kindly shared by janus770

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