Hao Shuai Showed Improvements In The Chinese Super League

Hao Shuai Showed Improvements In The Chinese Super League
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As a local of Tianjin and a member of the Chinese National Team, Hao Shuai bears the responsibility of leading his home team to victory. Unfortunately, his performance in the Chinese Super League hasn't been so much convincing and consistent. Therefore, when he was able to score two points in the sixth round which led to a good win of the team, head coach Ma Wenge was pleased to see the improvements. 


Bohai Morning Post. The Tianjin Team was off to a shaky start in this season's Chinese Super League with their main player Hao Shuai having inconsistencies in his performance. But when he played well in the sixth round, their head coach saw the improvement. 

Tianjin reached the semifinals in the last season and was labelled as the dark horse of the competition. With such an achievement, Tianjin hopes to exceed it this year. However, they started a bit shaky and posted three straight losses. 

It was just broken last Wednesday when Hao Shuai, Chuang Chih Yuan and Li Ping nailed a 3-0 against Bazhou. "Everyone performed well today. Our victory is a very big help in boosting everyone's confidence. I hope that it could be our turning point." Ma Wenge said. 

During the match, Tianjin's foreign aide Chuang Chih Yuan was faced with a strong opponent, Zhai Chao. He was down in 0-2 before having the chance to recover. Indeed, Chuang Chih Yuan showed special features as one of the world's elite players and sealed a victory. 

"Chuang Chih Yuan played wonderfully. He is a strong player who can handle pressure very well. Faced with a big deficit, he is able to achieve self-regulation. In order to win, his psychological qualities were commendable." Tianjin's head coach Ma added. 

As a member of the Chinese National Team and a local of Tianjin, Hao Shuai is considered to be the leader of the team. After an inconsistent performance in the previous rounds, Hao Shuai finally got his chance to showcase himself. He won two points in the sixth round. 

"In prior matches, Hao Shuai performed unsatisfactorily but in the sixth round, he improved. Whether in his condition or competitive spirit, he has improved so much. We will continue to consider having Hao Shuai and Li Ping play the Doubles in the future." Ma Wenge concluded. 

Tianjin is scheduled to play against Jiangsu on July 21. 

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