Tianjin Broke Their Losing Streak Through Their Doubles

Tianjin Broke Their Losing Streak Through Their Doubles
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The Tianjin Team has been in a losing streak in the past rounds but when other teams experienced difficulties in the sixth round, they were in a good momentum and scored a wonderful 3-0 against Bazhou. After the round, Tianjin's head coach Ma Wenge revealed that the secret to their win was their new partnership for the Doubles, Hao Shuai and Li Ping. 


Tianjin Net. After three consecutive losses, the Tianjin Team were motivated to broke their losing streak in the sixth round. Indeed, with their efforts, the team ended with a 3-0 against Bazhou and they give credit to the impressive work of their pair in the Doubles. 

Last season, being the new entry in the lineup for the men's division, Tianjin was labelled as the dark horse after reaching the playoffs. Everyone was impressed with their performance and such achievement was considered a breakthrough. 

However, this season, although they had a victory in the opening round, their subsequent performances were not so good and posted three straight losses.  Before the match for the sixth round, Hao Shuai admitted that he was looking forward for a victory at home. Indeed, with such thoughts on his mind, Hao Shuai nailed a 3-0 in the opener against Cui Qinglei. 

In the second match, Tianjin's foreign aide Chuang Chih Yuan faced Zhai Chao. Being aware of the golden rule of the Chinese Team, Zhai Chao tried his very best not to lose to a foreigner. However, as an elite player, Chuang Chih Yuan managed to survive and sealed the second point for Tianjin. 

Unlike the previous rounds, the Tianjin Team had a new pair in the sixth round with Hao Shuai and Li Ping. "In the past few games, we saw that the Doubles match was relatively important. If we will lose in the Doubles in every round, I feel that it will have a bad effect on the players' morale and the pressure will just increase in the subsequent matches. However, if our pair will win, they will be able to play well in the next rounds." Ma Wenge said.  

With the effort of changing their usual lineup, Tianjin benefited as Hao Shuai and Li Ping crushed Bazhou's Zhai Chao and Cheng Jingqi in 2-0. "For today's lineup, we mainly took into account our situation. Li Ping and Hao Shuai understand each other better as they finished second in the last National Games. I feel that their partnership is much better." Ma Wenge concluded. 

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