Timo Boll Adapts With The Fierce Competition In The Super League

Timo Boll Adapts With The Fierce Competition In The Super League
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Having Chinese players gathered in one competition makes the Chinese Super League the hardest table tennis league tournament in the world. For foreign aides, it is the fierce competition that they usually encounter. Some of them lose but some of them win. For this season, the German Timo Boll has already adapted with the competition beating some of the big names like Zhang Jike, Xu Xin and Yan An.  


China Interactive Sports. The Chinese Super League is the hardest table tennis league competition in the world as even young players are difficult to deal with. This is a common experience for many foreign players. However, there is someone who can withstand to this challenge. 

July 17, Jiangsu's Ma Lin, Timo Boll and Chen Qi welcomed the Ningbo Team for the sixth round of the Chinese Super League. Although Ma Lin started with a 0-3 against Ma Long, Timo Boll was able to level things in the second match against Yan An. 

We all know that Timo Boll is the strongest European and is one of the world's elite player. Despite that level, it is still difficult for him to challenge Chinese players. However, in the latest round, Timo Boll came with a very good condition and posted an 11-2 and 11-1 scores. Although Yan An was able to recover and force a decider, it is the more experienced player who finished with a win. 

In the third round where Jiangsu faced Shanghai, Timo Boll overcame the world's number two player Xu Xin in 3-1. One round earlier, Timo Boll had the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike his victim winning in 3-2. 

With these records, it is not hard to see a strong competitive spirit from Timo Boll. Clearly, Timo Boll has already adapted the fierce competition within the Chinese table tennis arena and this can be very beneficial for him once he goes back competing internationally. 

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