Wang Liqin Unclear On Retirement

Wang Liqin Unclear On Retirement
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Crossroads in the lives of people are common. There will always come a time where we are required to choose two opposing choices. For the veteran Wang Liqin, it seems that the issue on retirement still remains to be unclear. Having to compete for more than a decade, it is difficult for Wang Liqin to give up his athletic career. However, the other part of him tells him the opposite. 


Oriental Sports Daily. At the age of 35, Wang Liqin has been facing the issue of retirement almost every time. Although lesser opportunities tell him to probably retire soon, a part of his mind wants to continue playing. 

Unlike the European counterparts, Chinese athletes start early and retire young. Due to the fast development of younger generations, the career span of Chinese players are relatively short. At this point in time, the Shanghai veteran and three-time world champion Wang Liqin is facing such issue. 

When Wang Liqin's name wasn't included in the list of players still in the running for the 2012 London Olympics by head coach Liu Guoliang in late 2011, the veteran has received numerous concerns on his retirement. 

There has been times that he seemed to have accepted that his athletic career is coming to an end. However, there are also times wherein Wang Liqin would indicate his love for playing. Just recently, Wang Liqin revealed that he is still unclear with retirement. 

"Whether it (Chinese National Games) is my last or not, I also do not know. Very contradictory, I hope its not my last time but on the other hand I would also want it as my last." Wang Liqin said. The Chinese National Games is scheduled on September 1 to 10 in Liaoning. 

One of the reasons why Wang Liqin hesitates to stop playing for the Shanghai Team specifically is that he hopes to see more who will take his place. "I hope that the Shanghai Team will have more spirited players like Xu Xin and Shang Kun who will be able to assume the task of the National Team and the Shanghai Team." Wang Liqin added. 

Moreover, the veteran hopes that, if the upcoming competition will be his last, he will be able to achieve good results and bring more titles to his home team Shanghai.  

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