Yan An Achieves Breakthrough In The Asian Championships (Videos)

Yan An Achieves Breakthrough In The Asian Championships (Videos)
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Yan An only settled as the runner up in the 2013 Asian Championships held in Busan after he was swept by Ma Long. However, such achievement is already a breakthrough after winning over the top seed Xu Xin and letting everyone see the amount of potential in him. On the technical side, Yan An, has also displayed improvement especially on his lethality against Xu Xin but his stability still lacks against Ma Long. 


China Sports Daily. The 2013 Asian Championships held in Busan ended with Yan An not having much opportunities against the eventual winner Ma Long. Despite just being a runner up, it already breakthrough for Yan An. 

In the 2012 Chinese Super League, Yan An has remained consistent against one of the forerunners of the Chinese National Team, Xu Xin. All throughout the season, Xu Xin has never won a match against Yan An. Eventually, such helped the Ningbo Team to achieve the championship title at the end. 

For this year's Asian Championships, Yan An has once again displayed his lethality on Xu Xin. In the semifinals of the Men's Singles. Yan An mailed a convincing sweep of 4-0 over Xu Xin leading him to the finals. 

Yan An vs Xu Xin 2013 Asian Championships MS SF
video kindly shared by janus770

In the technical aspect against Xu Xin, Yan An's backhand was strong. His transition from offence to defence was fast and his abilities for a three-ball kill was impressive. However, in the finals, the lethality and stability of Yan An were not enough. Through Ma Long's active change and control of rhythm, Yan An did not have much opportunity. As a result, Yan An lost four straight sets. 

Yan An vs Ma Long 2013 Asian Championships MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Although Yan An only finished as the runner up, such achievement was his highest in the competition and just reaching the finals is already a breakthrough for him.  

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