Zhang Jike Is Born For The Big Stage

Zhang Jike Is Born For The Big Stage
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World Championships, World Cup, and the Olympics. These are the biggest competitions in the world of table tennis and Zhang Jike has created a record breaking performance completing all three and defending his title in Paris in the shortest possible time. With this, Zhang Jike is definitely born for the big stage as he maintains a strong drive to exceed past miracles. 


Chinese Communist Party News. The big stages of table tennis are the World Championships, World Cup and the Olympics and only few brave players are able to complete these three titles. Among them is Zhang Jike who is definitely born for the big arena. 

After extreme challenges encountered in the Chinese National Team, Zhang Jike has taken the world by storm in 2011. In his first appearance in the World Championships Men's Singles, Zhang Jike displayed a convincing performance that enabled him to clinch the championship title. That was the start of a big transformation in his career. 

Since then, Zhang Jike started to gain popularity and confidence. Later that year, he won the World Cup and made his participation for the London Olympics more definite. Zhang Jike maintained a good momentum in the World Team Championships in 2012 and in August of that same year, Zhang Jike claimed his Olympic gold medal and became the Grand Slam champion in the quickest possible time. 

After such wonderful completion, Zhang Jike's competitive drive declined and people saw him performing poorly in the subsequent competitions. However, when Zhang Jike had his chance to be in another big arena which is the 2013 World Championships in Paris, the Grand Slam champion surprised the world with convincing performances against Patrick Baum, Xu Xin and Wang Hao. 

Zhang Jike successfully defended his title and at the same time proved to everyone that he is made for the big stage. 

How does this guy motivate himself in vital matches? "Actually, after creating a miracle, I prefer to challenge myself in exceeding it. That is the source of my power." Zhang Jike said. 

Wang Liqin has taken the World Championship title three times while the late Zhuang Zedong also had three but achieved them consecutively. With this, Zhang Jike is very much willing to challenge such records. "I will challenge the veteran's records." He added. 

Although it might be another history in the making, but Zhang Jike, as of now, is more focused on being the first ever player to complete two sets of Grand Slam. 

"He is the 'final's madman.' He has been to five world competitions and reached the finals in all those occasions. He used the shortest possible time to take on the Grand Slam. This man is born for world competitions." Liu Guoliang said.  

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