Zhang Jike: Talent & Charm Rolled Into One

Zhang Jike: Talent & Charm Rolled Into One
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China's CCTV 5 recently invited some of the distinguished personalities from the Chinese sports publishings to talk about the recent happenings in sports. Talking about table tennis, these personalities acknowledged the uniqueness of the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike and at the same time, addressed the developmental issues of the sport. 


Sina Sports. Yesterday, July 18, CCTV 5 broadcasted a talk show that addressed the latest happenings in the world of sports. For table tennis, Zhang Jike and its developmental issues were the top topics. 

Sina's deputy editor Lu Yang, Xinhua News Agency sports director Xu Jinren, Sports Weekly deputy editor Wu Han, and Beijing Sports radio host Liang Yan were invited by CCTV 5 to talk about the latest happenings in the sporting world. 

When they talked about who among the male athletes who had the most eye-catching performance in the second quarter of this year, the program highlighted Zhang Jike. After a convincing win in the 2013 World Championships in Paris, Zhang Jike really deserves the recognition. 

"Among those players who achieved outstanding results, Zhang Jike has the most distinct characteristics. It can be said, after Kong Linghui, the Chinese table tennis still has another one who has the idol features and at the same time strength. This is very rare among Chinese athletes. Aside from the achievements, he can continue to use his charm to raise the awareness of people on table tennis." Lu Yang, deputy editor of Sina, said. 

Speaking of the awareness, we all know that the Chinese Team has been giving their efforts for the development and promotion of the sport both in an out China. For Wu Han, letting go of two gold medals in the World Championships is not the answer to such problem. 

"Table tennis is facing development issues. The problem on development cannot be resolved by just the number of gold medals the Chinese Team brings home or gives away. I think it should be treated professionally." Sports Weekly's deputy editor Wu Han said. 

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