International Training Camp To Be Organised This September In China

International Training Camp To Be Organised This September In China
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Head coach Liu Guoliang and the Chinese Team started to be very active in the promotion and development of the sport this year. In some of the ITTF World Tour stations, Chinese players were paired up with foreign athletes and such pairing produced high results. However, the Chinese Team is not stopping there. In order to raise the overall level and increase the competitiveness of the sport, an international training camp will be held in China this September. 


China Sports Daily. The Chinese domination over table tennis has been one of the concerning issues the sport has to face for year now. To somehow address this issue, the Chinese Team is now all out to improve the competitiveness of the sport. 

In order to improve the attractiveness of table tennis, Liu Guoliang has personally planned several activities for both Chinese and foreign players. For this year, the Chinese head coach has started to implement some, like the Shakehand Versus Penhold Challenge and the transnational pairing.  

All of these are geared towards the improvement of the competitive levels of foreign players. 

When he was still an athlete, Liu Guoliang liked the challenge concerning strains and innovations. This has been his core. If one do not take the initiative to make a new attempt and will just repeat the same thing everyday, then it would certainly be difficult to achieve a breakthrough in such career. 

"Any form of reform needs courage. As long as the general direction is right and there's no problem with the principle, then you would dare to try. Because the times are different, the degree of development is not the same. Of course, we also need to have adjustments and improvements as the times change." He said. 

In order to create more solid venues for exchange, the Chinese head coach Liu Guoliang raised the idea of a training camp during the 2013 World Championships. Last June, he confirmed that such event will push through. Just recently, Liu Guoliang announced that it will be organised next month. 

"We will be organising an international training camp this September. We are inviting overseas players to participate and help them improve their overall level. It will better promote the development of table tennis. What is important is that more people will get involved into the sport and the masses will appreciate the charm of table tennis." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Before leaving China, the German star Timo Boll revealed that the competitive spirit of European players decreased after the Chinese domination. Indeed, if this training camp will be successful, then foreign players will increase their confidence and thus raising the level of competency in the sport. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports


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