Players Invited To The 2013 Women's World Cup

Players invited to the 2013 Women's World Cup
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ITTF announced players invited to the 2013 Women's World Cup to be held in September in Japan. Li Xiaoxia and Liu Shiwen are the strongest players in competitions, while Kasumi Ishikawa and Ai Fukuhara will represent the host nation. 

The ITTF Women's World Cup 2013 will be held on 21-23 September in the Japanese city of Kobe. The International Table Tennis Federation already released the players invited to the important event. 

The player at the top of the list is Li Xiaoxia, the World and Olympic champion. The winners of the Continental Cups also head the list: Han Xing of Congo (Africa Cup), Liu Shiwen (Asian Cup), Wu Xue of Dominican Republic (Latin American Cup), Lily Zhang of USA (North American Cup), and Miao Miao of Australia (Oceania Cup). 

Other players invited in the competition: Seok Hajung of South Korea, Jiang Hiajun of Hong Kong, Feng Tianwei of Singapore, Yang Haeun of South Korea, Yu Mengyu of Singapore, Ariel Hsing of USA, Chunli Li of New Zealand, Yadira Silva of Mexico, Liu Jia of Austria, Hu Melek of Turkey, Yanfei Shen of Spain, Tetyana Bilenko of Ukraine, and Ai Fukuhara of Japan. 

ITTF also announced that the tournament will have a wide coverage across the world:

One World Sport (USA & Canada)

Skynet (Myanmar)

TDM (Macau)

Starhub (Singapore)

I-Cable (Hong Kong)

GMM Grammy (Thailand)

GDTV (China)

CCTV (China)

Al Jazeera Sports (MENA)

ELTA (Taiwan)

Astro (Malaysia)

Perform - News (Worldwide)

Fox Sports Asia - News (Asia)

EBU - News (EBU Members)

Fox Sports Australia (Australia)

TV One (Indonesia)  

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