Sweden's National Table Tennis Team Is Deteriorating

Sweden's National Table Tennis Team Is Deteriorating
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Swedish table tennis Grand Slam champion Jan Ove Waldner is one pillar of the sport. In terms of achievement, surely Waldner has contributed a lot for Sweden's national team. However, according to a coach, a high profile athlete like Waldner is not receiving much and its training environment is also not conducive. This just explains why Sweden has already been overtaken by a neighbouring country like France in table tennis.    


Yanzhao Metropolis. There was once a time when Sweden ruled the table tennis world with the legend Jan Ove Waldner. However, as time passed by, Sweden has lost its power and slowly, they are now overtaken by countries like China, Germany and even France. 

More than 100 athletes have arrived to Zhending National Training Base this summer to participate in the international table tennis training camp. One of them is Mattias Karlsson from Sweden. 

Just last week, the blonde young guy from Sweden was seen all sweating during his training in Zhending. Although he was a foreign player, the Chinese national training base welcomed him.  Karlsson is with his coach Wang Qing who was once a player for the Hebei Team but now, he is identified as a coach for the Swedish Team. 

Before, Sweden was a powerhouse in table tennis competitions. With Jan Ove Waldner on their side, Sweden got nothing to worry while China was thinking of ways on how to gain attain glory. Now, that is all in the past. 

"The training environment for Sweden is not good. The domestic scene is not focused and the professional environment is not very optimistic. For example, a top player like Waldner will only have around 300,000 ($42,000) to 400,000 ($57,000) yuan as their annual salary. This is equivalent to the working class of Sweden." Wang Qing exposed. 

This time, the Sweden Team has 18 second-tier players in the training camp and two of them have entered into the Group B of the friendly games. This makes them very happy. One of them is Mattias Karlsson. He said that during his time in China, he was able to train fully and scientifically. "Staying here for a month is one special kind of training!" 

"I think that we, Chinese people have always been solid in our ideas. Although powerful, but still subdued. This is undoubtedly beneficial for the survival of table tennis." Wang Qing concluded. 

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