Timo Boll: Ma Long Is A Difficult Opponent (Video)

Timo Boll: Ma Long Is A Difficult Opponent (Video)
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The German table tennis super star Timo Boll was blocked in this year's World Championships Men's Singles quarterfinals by the second seed Ma Long. Although it was defeat, Timo Boll believes that his performance was way better and that he is still satisfied with how things worked out. In addition, Boll admitted that playing against Ma Long is difficult especially if you are behind in 0-2. 


Sina Sports. The 2013 World Championships took place in Paris several months ago with Timo Boll losing against Ma Long in the quarterfinals. Despite loss, Timo Boll is still satisfied and proud to have fought better. 

Throughout his career, Timo Boll's highest achievement in the individual world championships is the bronze. He got this in 2011 when he reached the semifinals before losing against Zhang Jike. In this year's competition, Boll was not able to at least get another bronze as he was defeated in the quarterfinals by Ma Long.

"In one competition, the Chinese Team has at least 4 to 5 top players who are very much capable of winning. To successively defeat each of them is just too difficult." Timo Boll started. 

"I think that in this year's world championships, I was actually able to play well. I was also very proud. My match against Ma Long was the most exciting match in the competition." he added. 

Timo Boll and Ma Long are the strong representatives of Germany and China respectively. In terms of strength, both has superior qualities. However, in this year's world championships, Ma Long prevailed with 4-2. 

Timo Boll vs Ma Long 2013 WTTC MS QF
video kindly shared by janus770

"In the whole Chinese Team, Ma Long is probably one of the hardest opponents for me. Looking at the whole match, I was actually close (for a turnaround victory) but unfortunately, I lost the first two sets. It made the whole process very difficult. When you are 0-2 against Ma Long, it is just too hard to recover." Timo Boll admitted. 

With this, Boll has one pice of advice: "In order to win over Ma Long, immediately at the start, you must enter into the right momentum." 

This year, Timo Boll was not able to stand in the podium but despite how thing went out, he is still satisfied with his performance. "If I played much better, maybe I was able to go further but I am still very satisfied. I did my best and he (Ma Long) also played very well." Boll concluded. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports


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