Wang Hao's Love At First Sight

Wang Hao's Love At First Sight
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After Liu Guoliang and Chen Qi, Wang Hao is the third person in the Chinese National Team to have been successful in his love life, at least publicly known. Wang Hao met the apple of his eye in 2010 when Wang Hao was not actually doing well in his career. However, Yan Boya openly welcomed Wang Hao into her life without even knowing who he was. According to Wang Hao, their love story started with love at first sight.  


PingPang World. Love at first sight is a cliche but it does happen for some people including Wang Hao and Yan Boya. In their interview with PingPang World, they relayed how their story started.  

"I think the two of us had love at first sight. We were brought to each other by fate. She is simple and did not have much knowledge on sports. She did not know who I am at first. It was only after her friends talked about my achievements and competitions. She was attracted to me not because I am famous but because of my looks and personality." Wang Hao said smilingly. 

"She is a private person. I think that she actually didn't like other people to know that we are together. That is to avoid any trouble or influence on me. Our relationship got stronger when my condition picked up in 2010. She just makes me feel better." He added. 

In the 2010 World Team Championships, Wang Hao was chosen to play in the finals against Germany. However, a few minutes before the match, Wang Hao was replaced by Zhang Jike. At that time, Wang Hao was going though rough times in his career and that was the time, they first met. 

They continued seeing each other and instead of having a negative effect on the athletic career in Wang Hao, their relationship made him feel even better.

While Wang Hao was probably attracted to Yan Boya rather quickly, the otter party wasn't. "The first time I met him I felt he was very fat." Yan Boya started. 

However, she saw more from just physical appearances. "He is very honest to people and he is a true gentleman. He would help me pull the chair and help me open canned drinks. He really had a good impression on me." She added. 

Eventually, their relationship flourished and led to a blissful marriage. They are expecting their first born before this year ends. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports


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