Liu Guoliang: Ma Long Is Awesome! (Videos)

Liu Guoliang: Ma Long Is Awesome! (Videos)
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Challenges continue to confront Ma Long even after the Chinese National Games. However, Ma Long remains to be a true fighter and surpass them convincingly. Head coach Liu Guoliang was already impressed with Ma Long after the National Games and he even wrote on his Weibo that Ma Long is just awesome. 


China Sports News. Pressure was unimaginable for Ma Long in the Chinese National Games but he overcome them successfully. Even though challenges continue to haunt him in the Super League, Ma Long remains to be awesome. 

The World Championships in Paris was the highlight of table tennis for this year. Unfortunately, Ma Long was not able to prove himself in the competition, having more pressure in the succeeding games. 

"In the previous competitions, including before the Chinese National Games, the burden was too high. After the world championships, my ideological level has improved. In the process of growth, there will always be problems. This is the main point to fight well." Ma Long revealed. 

After the World Championships, the Chinese players prepared for their version of the Olympic Games, the National Games and being a powerhouse team, Beijing had some high military orders imposed upon their players. 

Beijing coach Zhang Lei has revealed that the goal of the team was actually to win two gold medals. Since the team lost in both the Men's and Women's Team events, the fulfilment of their goal boiled down to the individual events. 

The partnership of Ma Long and Ding Ning was successful in the Mixed Doubles. one gold was already fulfilled while the other one was yet to be achieved in the Singles by either Ding Ning or Ma Long. When Ding Ning lost to Chen Meng in the quarterfinals, the fulfilment of the second gold was on Ma Long's hands.  

Ma Long/Ding Ning 2013 National Games Mixed Doubles
video kindly shared by janus770

Although with a lot of struggle against Fan Zhendong in the finals, Ma Long emerged victorious with a close encounter of 4-3. Ma Long won the Men's Singles title and offered the second gold to Beijing. 

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong 2013 National Games MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

"Ma Long is awesome! I felt your pressure in the court but you overcome the pressure and you succeeded yourself." Liu Guoliang wrote on his Weibo after the final match. 

After the National Games, Ma Long continues to be confronted with the challenges from the young players Zhou Yu and Fan Zhendong in the Chinese Super League. In the 14th round, Ma Long had to endure two full-stretch matches making him a true awesome fighter. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports


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