Ma Lin: The Future Coach Of Guangdong Team

Ma Lin: The Future Coach Of Guangdong Team
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The 33-year old Ma Lin is close to the end of his athletic career as a Chinese table tennis player. In the recently concluded Chinese National Games, the veteran admitted that it would be his last season. Although Ma Lin did not give an exact date of his retirement, but he is actually preparing for it. According to certain sources, Ma Lin might just be the next coach of the Guangdong Team. 


QQ Sports. The 2013 Chinese National Games is the last season for the veteran and Olympic champion Ma Lin. As of now, Ma Lin's retirement still has no exact date but where he's heading is somehow clear and that it the Guangdong Provincial Team. 

Ma Lin first participated in the Chinese National Games in year 1997. Since then, Ma Lin has attended such competition five times and this year was his last. "What remained is that I am still here playing. What changed is that my opponents have all been retired." Ma Lin said. 

Ma Lin made the most out of his last attendance in the National Games through participating in four events: Men's Team, Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles and the Singles. Even before the competition started, Ma Lin has already managed his expectations. With the impact of younger players, Ma Lin was contended just to give his best in the arena. 

Out of the four events he played, Ma Lin was not able to reach the medal podium. According to him, exhaustion kicked in as he progressed into the competition. "Unfortunately, I did not make it. I feel that people are very tired. It was not like the first two days that the physical strength was good." Ma Lin said with frustration. 

Despite the results, Ma Lin was still satisfied. "I am still quite satisfied with my performance this time. Actually, as of now, the result is not important to me anymore. I just had to give my best and no regrets." He added.  

Now that the Chinese National Games is over, what could be the next? "Because there is still the Chinese Super League after the National Games, so I'll just consider the retirement in the future." Ma Lin answered. 

However, the Beijing Olympic champion is in fact already starting his duties as a deputy director of the Guangdong Table Tennis and Badminton Centre. During the preparation for the National Games, Ma Lin has started acting as a coach towards players of the Guangdong Team during training. 

One example is Liu Shiwen. "Every time I train for the Doubles, big brother Ma will always come by and act as our off-court coach." Liu Shiwen revealed. After Ma Lin finished his Doubles match, he especially went back for the Mixed Doubles finals to give some last minute instruction for Liu Shiwen and Zhang Chao. The Guangdong pair finished as runner up after a close encounter against the eventual winners Ma Long and Ding Ning. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports


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