Mattenet About The Bundesliga: "The Atmosphere Is Very Nice And There Are Good And Loud Supporters"

Mattenet about the Bundesliga: "The atmosphere is very nice and there are good and loud supporters"
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Several players made their debut in the Bundesliga on last weekend and one of them was Adrien Mattenet. We had the chance to interview the French player after his team Plüderhausen stood victorious over Frickenhausen led by the Japanese Koki Niwa. He talked about his matches against Wang Yang and Koki Niwa, his first impression about the Bundesliga and his last club Levallois.

Adrien Mattenet was one of the players who made his debut in the Bundesliga on last weekend. The French player had a good performance representing Plüderhausen and collected a victory over Wang Yang and a defeat against Koki Niwa. At the end, his team emerged successfully over Frickenhausen by 3:2. 

After the match, we had the chance to make some questions to him about his first impression in the league, his matches and the difficult situation that he had to face in his last club Levallois. We thank Plüderhausen for helping us with the interview and Adrien Mattenet for answering our questions. 

TableTennista: We knew that you were in a Levallois's project for a year but, unfortunately, it couldn't be carried out. How did that affect you? Not playing in a league had a negative effect in your game? 

Adrien Mattenet: "I think it was a good project but with politics and money it was very difficult. Levallois had to stop the project and fired all the players. It disturbed a little bit my season because I didn't know how to continue on my own."

TT: How did you feel today in your debut in the Bundesliga? ¿How did Plüderhausen's fans treat you?  Could you already see some differences (atmosphere, level of game, players, training,etc) between the French League and the Bundesliga? 

A.M.: "I didn't know Bundesliga yet. It's my first time to play in this league. There are other rules. For example I like playing in the afternoon, that's better for the preparation and for finding the best feeling. The atmosphere is very nice and there are good and loud supporters. It's also good to play against some other players. I never played against Niwa for example."

TT: We could have thought that you would be very nervous in your first match against Wang Yang, but instead of that, you looked very confident and posted a sweeping victory. What was the key of success in that match?

A.M.: "Of course I was a little bit nervous and even more when I missed the first two points. But I looked to the team and my confidence got bigger. It was very important to win the first set. Afterwards it was the most important thing for me to make many points with my power backhand."

TT: In your second match, you played well too but couldn't beat Koki Niwa. Was this your first match against him? What did you lack to win? 

A.M.: "As I already mentioned I have never played against him yet. In the first set I leaded 9-6 and lost the set because of some unforced errors. But my confidence was still there and I could (win) the second set easily and I knew that I could win the match because I know how to play against him. I don't know why I changed the tactic and I took too much risk. It would have been better to put more balls on the table some time."

TT: And our last question, which we think that your fans want to know: Will we see you in some matches or in all Plüderhausen's matches in the Bundesliga? 

A.M.: "It's difficult to answer this question. I don't know already. There are different issues like my personal project and the French federation. But I would like to play for Plüderhausen again as soon as possible."

Thanks for the interview and congratulations for your team victory!

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