Liu Shiwen Criticised By Liu Guoliang (Video)

Liu Shiwen Criticised By Liu Guoliang (Video)
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Liu Shiwen has been relatively stable in the Singles for the past two years and because of that, the coaching staff has been really impressed with her. However, there is still lacking from her and that is to prove her overall strength in Team competition. In the Squad Trials for the 2014 World Team Championships, Liu Shiwen did not meet the expectations and that gave her criticisms from head coach Liu Guoliang. 

Sohu Sports. Liu Shiwen is slowly earning the trusts of the coaches after her stable performances in the Singles in recent years. However, now that she is getting close to fully proving her worth in the Chinese Team, Liu Shiwen failed to meet expectations. 

Winner of the 2013 Grand Finals, Liu Shiwen took part in the 2014 WTTC Chinese Squad Trials with great momentum. Coming from the 2010 Moscow defeat, Liu Shiwen is aware that she needed to break all doubts on her in order to full gain the trust of the coaches. 

However, she lost to Li Xiaoxia and a sweeping loss disappointed the head coach Liu Guoliang: "Liu Shiwen lost 0-3 against Li Xiaoxia. It should be said that the gap of their real level of strength was reflected." 

Liu Shiwen vs Li Xiaoxia 2014 WTTC Squad Trials
video kindly shared by TTJanus

"Although Liu Shiwen lost to Li Xiaoxia in the Paris World Championships, her state that time was good. Her defeat this time showed that her requirements upon herself were not high. This was also reflected on her loss against Chen Meng in the opening day." The head coach added. 

At the end of the trials, Liu Shiwen only finished in third place and will have to play in the next stage to qualify for the 2014 World Team Championships, a competition that is very important to her professional career. 

"The next competition is the World Team Championships an she should give herself a goal. She should imagine each opponent as Feng Tianwei." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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