Zhang Jike: One Of The Wealthiest Sport Personalities In China

Zhang Jike: One Of The Wealthiest Sport Personalities In China
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Table tennis is a humble sport. It may not have the same amount of influence compared to other big ball games but it definitely can pay well. In 2013, Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike faced some rumours on his impressive net worth. Although he has denied them, 2012 records show that he is in fact in the top 10 of the wealthiest sport personalities in China. 

Modern Express. Owning various properties, a Maserati, and an active endorser just make the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike a walking millionaire in China. Still having the chance to win the 2013 Grand Finals, Zhang Jike can add more to his net worth. 

Zhang Jike started to pave his way to being a bonafide champion in table tennis in 2011 when he clinched his first world title, the World Championships Men's Singles title. Such victory was only the start for many more. On that same year, he clinched his second world title, the Men's World Cup. 

Aside from having pride from those trophies and a stable position for the 2012 London Olympics, endorsements also came to the young world champion one after another. His fame increased drastically, thanks to his charisma to people, especially the ladies.  

In 2012, Zhang Jike wrote his name in the history book of table tennis as the first person to simultaneously complete the Grand Slam. August of that year, Zhang Jike clinched the much coveted Olympic gold. After a year of recognition in 2011, more success came for Zhang Jike in 2012. 

Bonuses, prizes, and endorsements were rushing in and that only means more bucks. At the end of that year, Zhang Jike made it to the list of China's Wealthiest Sport Personalities. The Grand Slam champion was ranked seventh with 13 million yuan or more than 2 million US dollars. 

For 2013, although there has been a downturn in his career, Zhang Jike's biggest achievement is still very much significant. He successfully defended his world title after a surprisingly awesome performance in the competition. 

According to Sports Weekly, Zhang Jike did not make it in the list for 2013. However, rumours spread last year that Zhang Jike's net worth was more than 10 million yuan or 1.6 million US dollars. Although it could be lesser than 2012, still it was an abundant year. 

But if he wins this season's Grand Finals, then maybe he will be back on such list for 2014. Zhang Jike won his opening match against Taku Takakiwa and will face Ma Long in the quarterfinals later today. A $104,000 prize is waiting for the winner at the end of the competition. 

In addition, Zhang Jike is also nominated for the first ever Star Awards which will be live of the ITTV, at 19:30 local time. 

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