Adham Sharara Has High Expectations On The Chinese Team (Video)

Adham Sharara Has High Expectations On The Chinese Team (Video)
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The recent reform of the ITTF certainly has an effect to everyone in the world of table tennis but ITTF Chairman Adham Sharara thinks that the Chinese Team will not be affected by it. The former president explains further that the Chinese players are the best in the sport so he is having high expectations on them in terms of adjustment. 

Tencent Sports. With the big reform taking place in the table tennis sport right now, Adham Sharara believes that the Chinese players will not have much difficulty with it. 

The most anticipated change in table tennis has already started. From celluloid, it has been changed to plastic. Also, the size is now bigger. 

"The most fundamental reason why we made the ball bigger is for the television viewers to see more clearly the ball in action. After making it bigger, its speed has decreased, allowing players to put more power in every shot." Adham Sharara said. 

In every reform in the sport, it is believed that the reason for them being implemented is to challenge the domination of China. This time, the ITTF Chairman Adham Sharara is somehow in defence saying that this reform will not affect the Chinese Team. 

"I believe that the new ball will not give any impact on the Chinese players.They are the world's top players so generally, their adaptability with the new ball will be faster than the others." Mr. Sharara explained. 

True enough, in the recently concluded Women's World Cup, two Chinese players, Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia were the last two players standing in the competition. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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Table Tennis was banned in the USSR from ca 1930 to 1950 because it was believed to be harmful to the eyes

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