Liu Guoliang Misinterpreted By Media

Liu Guoliang Misinterpreted By Media
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While Zhang Jike is still the hot item in Chinese sports websites, Liu Guoliang was able to get their attention after his appearance in a local television show. Apparently, members of the media and some fans of the sport were not able to get the true meaning of what the coach have said. This afternoon, Liu Guoliang clarified the issue.   

QQ Weibo. As the head coach of the Chinese Team, Liu Guoliang will always uphold the welfare of all his players like they are his children. 

Recently, Liu Guoliang appeared in a local television show where he was having a narrative about his career in the National Team. He tackled on his relationship with Kong Linghui, his qualification for the 1996 Olympic Games which made him a Grand Slam champion, and the 2012 London Olympics. 

Apparently, the part where the coach talked about the final match between Zhang Jike and Wang Hao in London caused a stir throughout the table tennis community, whether in or out of China. Chinese fans were offended with such news and criticised the coach for saying such things in TV. 

Later this day, Liu Guoliang said that he was misunderstood and that he never would allow his players to concede. In his Weibo account (Oct. 30, 19:09 Beijing time), he wrote: 

"Zhang Jike deserved the Grand Slam. Wang Hao has no complains being an Olympic runner-up for the third time. Both are my pride. There is no distinction as to my feelings to them. They are like my children. I will never allow them to concede, and I will never allow anyone or anything to hurt them." 

Both Zhang Jike and Wang Hao came to the defence of Liu Guoliang. 

"Coach Liu, everything that you've done are all fair and open. We must resolutely put an end to doubts that violate the morals and spirit of sports." Zhang Jike said. 

"After reaching the finals, I certainly wanted to win the title." Wang Hao said. 

After Liu Guoliang cleared the issue, there are still some netizens who still thinks that it was clear Liu Guoliang asked Wang Hao to concede. Some of them, criticised the coach for using misleading words especially that he was in TV. 

"Chinese Table Tennis Team once had malpractices and inglorious history of "conceding." So it should be wise to avoid suspicions." User "Leon5" from Guangdong said.  

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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