Liu Guoliang Ordered Wang Hao To Lose Against Zhang Jike In London (Video)

Liu Guoliang Ordered Wang Hao To Lose Against Zhang Jike In London (Video)
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In a recent appearance of the head coach Liu Guoliang in a local television show, he revealed that he ordered Wang Hao to lose against Zhang Jike in the Men's Singles finals in the London Olympics. He explained that it was only Wang Hao who can withstand losing in the Singles and still be powerful for the Team event. 

Sina Sports. The London Olympics was Wang Hao's last chance to be an Olympic champion but Liu Guoliang asked him to lose the match against Zhang Jike. 

Zhang Jike completed his Grand Slam because of his victory in the London Olympics Singles. He was the fastest player to achieve such honour. While Zhang Jike was hailed as the champion and enjoyed the glory that came with it, Wang Hao dealt with another defeat.  

Just recently, the head coach of the Chinese Team, Liu Guoliang, appeared in a local television show where he revealed some details that have happened during the 2012 London Olympics, including the final match of the Men's Singles. 

"I gave Wang Hao an order. I said: 'Hao, you must do good. Lose to Zhang Jike for pride. You must adjust this attitude. You, Wang Hao, have a role.'" Liu Guoliang revealed. 

"Because of the restructured format of the London Olympics, the Singles came first before the Team event. Therefore, I made an idea. The player who will lose (in the Singles) will have a difficult job (in the Team event) because that player just lost and will play in the Team event with a collapsed condition. Who can do that? Can the young player Zhang Jike do it? Can Ma Long do it? They may not be able to do it. I would rather have the two-time runner-up Wang Hao do it." The head coach explained. 

"Therefore in the finals, Wang Hao lost to Zhang Jike. But in the Team competition, he was able to play a very solid role for the team. He paired up with Zhang Jike and got the last point for victory. I feel that Wang Hao is actually very brave. Wang Hao's selflessness is stronger than his personal motives." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

In 48 minutes, Zhang Jike won over Wang Hao with 18-16, 11-5, 11-6, 10-12, 13-11. 

Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao 2012 London Olympics MS Finals
video kindly shared by SpinClips


Photo source: Sina Sports 

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