Liu Guoliang Shocked & Apologetic In Behalf Of Zhang Jike

Liu Guoliang Shocked & Apologetic In Behalf Of Zhang Jike
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Following the controversial celebration of Zhang Jike yesterday, head coach Liu Guoliang said that he was surprised with what he witnessed. Furthermore, coach Liu was sincerely apologetic in behalf of Zhang Jike to the sponsors, audience and of course the fans. 

Tencent Sports. The 2014 Men's World Cup ended with drama and head coach Liu Guoliang is shocked to have witnessed what his player has done. 

"I was very shocked with what Zhang Jike did after the match. In his behalf, I am apologising to all the audience who came to watch, the sponsors, and the fans." Liu Guoliang said in his interview with some members of the media after the match. 

Zhang Jike has been known for his bold character in the arena. Ever since he was famous, we were able to witness quite a show from him when he wins any big competition, the World Championships, the World Cup and the Olympics. 

This time, head coach Liu Guoliang felt that the young champion has gone too far, kicking the barriers of the arena. 

"He is passionate. Every time he wins, his excitement is a bit too much but not as over the top as this time. Whatever the reason, it was a wrong behaviour. It is a wakeup call for both him and the whole team. He represents a sport. What happened in Germany shouldn't have happened." Liu Guoliang explained.

Zhang Jike is expected to receive a series of criticisms and penalties from the head coach. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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