Media Coverage Of Zhang Jike's Mad Celebration: "Epic Fail!" (Video And Photos)

Media coverage of Zhang Jike's mad celebration: "epic fail!" (VIDEO and Photos)
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Zhang Jike's celebration also attracted attention of the rest of the world. News media of Australia, Japan, United States, England, Brazil and Argentina had something to say about Zhang Jike's celebration and fine. The American channel ABC News pointed out  his celebration and considered as an "epic fail!".

Zhang Jike's celebration spread on the internet. Media from different part of the world covered the outburst of the world and olympic champion after winning the 2014 World Cup on last Sunday. But Zhang Jike's reaction wasn't the only thing that attracted media's attention, they also pointed out the fine by the International Table Tennis Federation. 

Online newspaper such as of England, the Guardian of England, Fox Sports of Australia, NBC Sports of USA, CBS News of USA, Spiegel of Germany, La Gazzetta dello Sport of Italy and Globo of Brazil covered the particular celebration. ABCNews of United States compared Zhang Jike's celebration with other in American football and soccer, and also called it an "epic fail!". 

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Online media from Argentina, Peru, Japan, Romania, Spain, Poland  and Netherlands also shared the video of the new world cup champion. 

Screen shots of Zhang Jike's in news media 

Created with flickr slideshow.

Photo source: screen shot from ABCNews

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