Rosskopf Thinks Zhang Jike's Fine Amount Is Ridiculous

Rosskopf thinks Zhang Jike's fine amount is ridiculous
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Zhang Jike's celebration after winning the 2014 Men's World Cup caused controversy in the world of Table Tennis. But the punishment for his behaviour had a major impact. The International Table Tennis Federation informed that the world and olympic champion was fined the whole prize money. Some people agreed with ITTF, but other didn't not. One of them was German coach Jorg Rosskopf. 

Zhang Jike's destructive celebration at the 2014 World Cup shook social networks. Videos of him kicking advertising boards after beating Ma Long in the final got viral and fans expressed their opinion about it. The International Table Tennis Federation thought that his behaviour deserved a punishment, so Zhang Jike was fined the whole money prize, 45000 US dollars. 

ITTF's decision also caused controversy in the world of table tennis. Some people agreed with the punishment, but other thought that the amount of the fine was excessive. Jorg Rosskopf is one of the people who don't completely agree with ITTF's decision. 

The German coach talked to the Bundesliga's web site and gave his opinion about the controversy: "To be honest, I find relatively stupid to fine Zhang Jike 45000 US dollars. He was under an extreme pressure before the tournament. He is the world and olympic champion, and his head coach sees him as one of the players for Rio 2016. Besides, he beat Timo Boll in front of German fans and Ma Long, currently the best player, in the final. So his reaction is understandable. We aren't in Tennis or Formula 1, where the amount of fines can be huge. A 1000 US dollars fine would be ok. We don't have to exaggerate." 

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