Table Tennis Needs A Big Name Like Zhang Jike

Table Tennis Needs A Big Name Like Zhang Jike
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Zhang Jike is facing criticisms from various people because of his excessive behaviour in the World Cup. However, he seems to find himself a supporter from the ITTF. The media executive of the federation doesn't just disagree with the penalty imposed on him but he also believes that our sport needs a big name like Zhang Jike. 

Sohu Sports. We may all have different views on Zhang Jike's actions in the World Cup but an official of the ITTF is saying that he is someone table tennis needs. 

"From the perspective of the promotion of table tennis, we should admit: Zhang Jike's actions are actually beneficial to the promotion of table tennis. All of a sudden, major websites, table tennis enthusiasts and fans, and even those who don't give much attention to table tennis, have all knew about the incident. Zhang Jike's actions aroused widespread concern. They all started to discuss about the event." An ITTF Media Executive added.

Yesterday, we reported that an official from the federation doesn't totally agree with the penalty the ITTF has imposed on him. Well, it seems that, this official thinks that Zhang Jike's actions are actually good for table tennis. 

"Furthermore, table tennis needs a big name, just like Li Na for tennis. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for basketball. They all made remarkable achievements in their respective sport. At the same time, their charisma also conquered a lot of fans. Table tennis also needs such representatives to promote the sport through their influence and appeal. In that way, more people will know and like table tennis." The official added. 

As of now, Zhang Jike has a really wide fan base which is not only limited to China. His appeal and charisma cross borders and continents. The official expects more surprises from the young champion in the future, perhaps in the Rio Olympics. 

"Zhang Jike is not just the first champion in the era of the new ball but also he is the closest to complete a second Grand Slam. He will once again create history. We are looking forward to Zhang Jike bringing hope and surprise for us." The official concluded. 

Photo source: OSports 

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The 1st WTTC was held in 1926, but China made their first appearance in 1953

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