Zhang Jike Apologised & Gets Support From Fans

Zhang Jike Apologised & Gets Support From Fans
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Zhang Jike has admitted his mistake, paid for the consequences and apologised. This has given him the support he needed from some of his local Chinese fans. After his attention-grabbing victory yesterday, the Grand Slam champion has a lot to explain to the media, his team and to his fans.  

QQ Weibo. After earning the Men's World Cup victory, Zhang Jike had to explain himself and apologise. 

Yesterday, October 26, Zhang Jike showed an impressive performance in the Men's World Cup, surviving two consecutive tight battles. But after he earned the much deserved victory, he had to explain why he destroyed the barriers of the arena. 

"No matter what kind of honour I won today, I didn't handle my celebration with calmness and rationality. For a long time, I have been withstanding a lot of pressure but I shouldn't bring such mood into the arena. I didn't consider the impact on the team and the event itself. I apologise to everyone." Zhang Jike wrote on his Weibo a few hours after the incident. 

Zhang Jike has the biggest fan base in the world of table tennis and part of his fame is from his fans. Fortunately, they still support him despite what happened in Germany. 

"Boss, we are always here! We believe in you and understand you. We support you!" Zhang Jike's fan club replied. 

"Like what you said, you have been holding your breath for too long. Your determination became your victory. So, we totally understand your excitement, your release. Congratulations on winning the first world competition of the plastic ball. The journey is still long and we will be travelling with you. We will be there for you in every adventure. Keep it up! Take care of yourself." Another club responded. 

This will be a major issue for Zhang Jike to face in the next days, weeks, or even months. Support from his fans, family and teammates will certainly help him carry on with this controversy. 

Photo source: QQ Sports 

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