Zhang Jike: Fixing The Olympic Finals Is Impossible

Zhang Jike: Fixing The Olympic Finals Is Impossible
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After the incident in the World Cup, Zhang Jike now defends the Chinese Team against rumours of "match-fixing" after Liu Guoliang's words were misinterpreted. The Grand Slam champion explained that it is impossible for his match against Wang Hao in London to be staged. Furthermore, he said that he has high respects on Wang Hao and that is because he gives his all in the arena. 

Sina Sports. Zhang Jike completed his Grand Slam after winning the London Olympics. Against the rumours match-fixing, the champion explains that it is impossible. 

Zhang Jike pointed out a certain part in the finals where he and Wang Hao had a dispute over a point. He said: "If the match was fixed, are we still going to fight (over that point)? Me and Wang Hao both needed the Olympic title to be a Grand Slam champion. How could there be a possibility of conceding?" Zhang Jike remarked after rumours on match-fixing surfaced yesterday. 

Back in the Olympics, Zhang Jike struggled in the Team competition against Germany where he lost to Timo Boll. After such defeat, Zhang Jike played for the Doubles with Wang Hao and won the match. For Zhang Jike, it was Wang Hao who kept him fighting throughout that match. 

"At that time, it was Wang Hao who was leading me. He encouraged me. If not for him, we could have lost that match in the semifinals. He was the runner-up in the Singles but he still was able to maintain his strength for the Team competition." Zhang Jike said, emphasising his admiration and respect towards Wang Hao's efforts as an athlete. 

"I think that "match-fixing" is contrary to the morals of sportsmanship. In giving all your efforts into the match can I win the respect of my opponent. At the same time, my opponent will also win my respect." Zhang Jike concluded. 

Photo source: China News 

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