Zhang Jike Supported By His Personal Coach

Zhang Jike Supported By His Personal Coach
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Zhang Jike didn't just stand on the highest medal podium of the Men's World Cup as he is also placed in great controversy right now following his rather violent way of celebrating his victory. Witnessing it, his personal coach Xiao Zhan feels mixed emotions. On one aspect, he is very proud but on the other hand, he is also concerned.  

QQ Weibo. The 2014 Men's World Cup ended with an epic victory from Zhang Jike but it was also coupled with controversy. Personal coach Xiao Zhan seeks understanding for his player. 

"Many friends say that I am the only one who believes in him now! I believe in him! And it seems that there is basis to that faith! But the way he vents out really needs to change! I'll be more understanding!" Xiao Zhan wrote on his personal Weibo account after seeing the performance of his disciple, Zhang Jike

October 26 in Dusseldorf, Germany, Zhang Jike silenced his critics and defeated his greatest enemy, Ma Long in the final match of the 2014 Men's World Cup. It was an epic victory for the Grand Slam champion but things suddenly turned way too interesting when the victor destroyed the surrounds of the court. 

After the match, Zhang Jike humbly apologised for what he's done. Also, his coach came to his defence through his Weibo account. 

"I apologise for Jike's excited impulse after his match! Once he's back, I will spend more in teaching him on this regard! Usually, I am not able to fully guide him in this aspect. At the same time, I hope everyone can understand that its not easy being an athlete!" Xiao Zhan added.   

Zhang Jike was still hailed as the winner of the competition but the prize money was the price for his actions. 

Photo source: OSports 

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