Zhang Jike, Ma Long & Timo Boll Review On The Plastic Ball (Videos)

Zhang Jike, Ma Long & Timo Boll Review On The Plastic Ball (Videos)
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The recently concluded World Cups were the first competitions to utilise the new plastic ball and they were carried out successfully with Chinese players reaching the finals. Zhang Jike and Ma Long both agreed on the difference on the sound and the way the ball traveled. Meanwhile, Timo Boll admitted that the new ball didn't have much effect on him. 

China Sports Daily. The new plastic ball was finally unveiled in this year's World Cup and elite players showed that they have made good adjustments with such change in table tennis.

The debut of the new plastic ball has long been anticipated by the table tennis community. Players have early on done their trainings to adjust with it. Now that it has been unveiled in the Men's and Women's World Cups, we can see that athletes have done remarkable adjustments. 

Before the competition, both Zhang Jike and Ma Long have expressed confidence on the new plastic ball. Although their preparations came a bit late compared to other athletes, they still showed strong performances in the Men's World Cup. 

"Since the material has changed, the sound of the ball also changed." Ma Long said. Aside from that, Ma Long and Zhang Jike both agreed on the difference on how the ball travels. Zhang Jike said that when he tries to hit the ball, it always touches the sides or bottom part of his racket, admitting some instabilities. 

Meanwhile, Germany's pride, Timo Boll also showed not much problems in his performance in the World Cup. In fact, he played remarkably against the younger teammate Dimitrij Ovtcharov and the eventual winner, Zhang Jike.  

Timo Boll vs Ovtcharov 2014 Men's World Cup QF
video kindly shared by janus770

Timo Boll vs Zhang Jike 2014 Men's World Cup SF
video kindly shared by ttlondon2012

"I was already able to have good control over the new ball in the competition. Therefore, I felt that there were not much effect on me." Timo Boll said. 

Photo source: Inna Fassbender 

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