Zhang Jike Offered His Prize Money As His Penalty?

Zhang Jike Offered His Prize Money As His Penalty?
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Many have criticised the decision of the ITTF to make Zhang Jike pay the full amount of his prize money as penalty from his destructive behaviour in the Men's World Cup. Today, the offender found himself a supporter straight from the ITTF itself. However, a different version of the story says that it was Zhang Jike who first gave out such idea to the ITTF. 

Sohu Sports. The penalty ITTF has imposed on Zhang Jike has received its share of criticisms as well but what if it was after all Zhang Jike's idea?   

"From an official's point of view, we do not want to see or allow such excessive behaviour in our competitions. Therefore, the officials decided to give Zhang Jike a punishment. As for my personal view, I do not very much agree with the punishment. I think if we are going to change the perspective on how we see it, we would come to different conclusions." An ITTF Media Executive said. 

This shows that not everyone from the federation agrees to the penalty imposed on the offender, Zhang Jike. 

Yesterday, we reported about German coach Jorg Rosskopf's response to the issue. He said it was ridiculous. Aside from him, a good number of netizens also share the same sentiments towards the penalty. 

However, head coach Liu Guoliang and the rest of the Chinese Team have kept their silence about the matter. Is it probably because it was, after all, Zhang Jike's idea?

A Chinese website (Correspondent Yang Min) said that initially, ITTF had news saying that Zhang Jike offered to give up his prize money amounting to 45,000 US Dollars as penalty to his excessive behaviour. It also said that it was eventually consented by the committee. 

But later on, in the article published in their website, nothing was said about Zhang Jike's initiative. 

Do you think it is possible that the penalty was actually Zhang Jike's idea? 

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