Zhang Jike Will Face Punishment From Liu Guoliang

Zhang Jike Will Face Punishment From Liu Guoliang
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Liu Guoliang has made an apology in behalf of Zhang Jike to the sponsors, organisers and fans after the incident in the Men's World Cup. But the fiasco doesn't end there just yet as Zhang Jike is expected to face more consequences of his actions. The head coach has said they will certainly make it sure that what happened in Germany will not happen again. 

Tencent Sports. Zhang Jike has done a lot of explaining already and now he has to face more of the aftereffects of the celebration he has done in Germany. 

Yesterday, we reported that Liu Guoliang was really surprised with what his player did in the arena after the match. He, and Zhang Jike as well, have already apologised to the public. But there is still more waiting for the player in China. 

"Once we'll be back, we will guide him to correct it and control his emotions better. Also, we will make him understand that no matter how good you are, you first should be a good person with values. I hope that through this, he will have a major shift in his charisma." Liu Guoliang said. 

The head coach also revealed that there will be punishment and penalties to be given to Zhang Jike once they returned to China. 

"Pressure is not a reason to relieve him. I am ashamed. Zhang Jike's behaviour today needs review and commitment. This should not happen again in the future. Such behaviour is a very bad influence for the sport. As the head coach of the team, I am responsible for the team's lack of education. We will certainly review and summarise everything." He concluded. 

Well, Zhang Jike must brace himself for more aftereffects of his actions in Germany as they have already returned to China today. 

Do you think Zhang Jike deserves more penalties or punishment? What do you think would be an appropriate penalty for him? 

Photo source: Sportsphoto 

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